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    Temperature Monitors


      Hello All and thank you for anyone that can give me some help.  I have searched around a ton and can't find a good answer and the searched range from, there is something wrong with your processor, to there is something wrong with the temp monitoring software, the bios, or this processor is the great and is begging to be overclocked.  So below is my question.


      I have a 7890K on the Wraith Cooler with an ASRock A88M-G/3.1.  My Bios had idling temp about 40c, which I thought was not correct, seemed low.  The Bios now says that my idle temp at startup is 50c which seemed to be too high.  Bios still says 50c at idle.  I have both AMD Overdrive and Open Hardware Monitor installed.  Open Hardware Monitor says that my idle temp is 0c, max when I have had it open and seen is about 20c.  AMD Overdive says at idle my thermal margin is 70.  These processors have top temp of 70, but combining this with Hardware Monitor of 0c seems to say AMD Overdtive is also saying the temp is 0c.  I used a CPU-Z stress test and AMD OverDrive had thermal margin at 37, I did not have Hardware Monitor installed at the time so I didn't get to see a number from that.


      What the heck is going on with this thing and is there something wrong with my processor, etc?  Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          I prefer AIDA64 as it gives you the breakdown of every sensor in your PC. As far as the CPU goes, the temperature to look at is the core temperature, not the CPU (package/socket) temperature. Also all Bulldozer derived processors do not report the core temperature under 40°C correctly, which is why you can see temps lower than the ambient room temp.


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              Downloaded and installed.  This is what I get at Idle.



              Sensor Properties:
              Sensor Type  Nuvoton NCT6776F (ISA 290h)
              Motherboard Name  ASRock A88M-G/3.1
              Chassis Intrusion Detected  No
              Motherboard  27 °C (81 °F)
              CPU  26 °C (79 °F)
              CPU #1 / Core #1  1 °C (34 °F)
              CPU #1 / Core #2  1 °C (34 °F)
              CPU #1 / Core #3  1 °C (34 °F)
              CPU #1 / Core #4  1 °C (34 °F)
              ST500DM002-1BD142  [ TRIAL VERSION ]
              ADATA SU800  [ TRIAL VERSION ]
              Cooling Fans:
              Aux  1724 RPM
              Voltage Values:
              CPU Core  1.480 V
              +3.3 V  3.408 V
              +5 V  5.184 V
              +12 V  [ TRIAL VERSION ]
              +5 V Standby  5.212 V
              Power Values:
              CPU Package  51.70 W
              CPU CU0  20.67 W
              CPU CU1  9.66 W
              CPU Uncore  5.76 W
              iGPU  [ TRIAL VERSION ]
              Debug Info F  164 164 164 164 1724
              Debug Info T  27 26 40 / 255 40
              Debug Info V  B9 E5 D5 D5 AF D8 51 (03)
              Debug Info I  C1 C333
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                  I ran a CPU-Z Stress CPU with Aida64, Open Hardware Monitor and AMD Overdrive open at the same time.  AMD Overdrive had a low thermal margin of 37 and both Hardware Monitor and Aida64 showed a top temp of 33c.

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                    Looks like a faulty sensor, don't worry about it. The Wraith cooler is quite capable to handle that processor.

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                        Thank you for the answer.  I am wanting to overclock this processor, I only finished this build two weeks ago so I have no frame of reference here.  How will I be able to monitor the temps with a faulty sensor?  I don't want to just wing it.  I also ran a stability test with Aida64, not sure if there is anything useful in the below:




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                            You can't, but that's not really a problem unless you go to fiddling around too much with the voltage. You're not going to gain anything meaningful with overclocking, so just do what you can with stock voltage.

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                                Not so concerned with overclocking the cpu, I would like to squeeze out a little more from the GPU without having to buy another graphics card.  That may be inevitable though.  I found a deal I couldn't pass on the APU, which is why I bought it.  $135 for the 7890k with the wraith and the ASRock A88m-G/3.1 motherboard.  If I end up buying a graphics card, I'm probably going to get an RX 470, I see them on sale for about $150.


                                Thanks all for the answers and the assistance, it's much appreciated.

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                        Hello cuse,


                        Your processor might be similar as this, http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-A10-Series%20A10-7890K.html . A processor with 95W TDP, 40 or above some degrees is very normal working in firmware when using conventional cooler. The reason is that the firmware does not enable cool and quiet and other power saving feature of processors, so the temperature is high. When entering into Windows, the firmware enables those features which could be further utilised by Windows power managing system, so your processor temperature might be a little bit higher than 26 degrees. As to the core temperature (read from the core die rather than the sensors on the motherboard), they depend on the chips you got. AMD promise the processors function well rather than the sensor would be read the real temperature. So your processor is working normally, you do only need to worry about when your system is instable most of time but not occasionally.


                        Best Regards,

                        Aaron Janagewen