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Best air cooler for fx 9590?

Question asked by meatfeastman on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by suck3rs

I'm gonna get a air cooler for the fx 9590 (No, you arent here to reply with 'change to fx 8xxx' or 'wait for zen' because that's not why I am here). I want the best performing one for the 4.7GHZ stock speed. I have shortened it down to the Thermalright Silver Arrow IB E Extreme and the Noctua NH D15. Which is the best in terms of just temperatures under a really high load?


Also, if there is a better performing one than these, please let me know. I'm also intrigued by the alpenfohn olymp, which can apparently handle 340w of tdp. . If anyone could provide any information on that, that would be great.


This is important: I am NOT interested in noise levels or looks, just pure performance at high speeds. 


I have one restriction for the air cooler. It has to be less than 170mm height.


So yeah, which air cooler would do best at dealing with the 9590 (No overclocking)?