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    Best air cooler for fx 9590?


      I'm gonna get a air cooler for the fx 9590 (No, you arent here to reply with 'change to fx 8xxx' or 'wait for zen' because that's not why I am here). I want the best performing one for the 4.7GHZ stock speed. I have shortened it down to the Thermalright Silver Arrow IB E Extreme and the Noctua NH D15. Which is the best in terms of just temperatures under a really high load?


      Also, if there is a better performing one than these, please let me know. I'm also intrigued by the alpenfohn olymp, which can apparently handle 340w of tdp. https://www.alpenfoehn.de/en/cpu-cooler/olymp . If anyone could provide any information on that, that would be great.


      This is important: I am NOT interested in noise levels or looks, just pure performance at high speeds. 


      I have one restriction for the air cooler. It has to be less than 170mm height.


      So yeah, which air cooler would do best at dealing with the 9590 (No overclocking)?

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          I would suggest one of the dual 140mm fan CPU water coolers which have the thermal capacity to cope with your CPU, they also are easier on the noise levels


          none of the lower cost CPU coolers that clip onto the socket will have the thermal capacity you need

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            I air cool my FX 9590 with a CM 212 EVO w/ one stock fan. Under load it stays around 51° C, but occasionally hits 52°. You have to make sure that you have the proper case to do this in though. I have a HAF 922 and the EVO is facing upwards. So the fan blows up through the radiator, towards the top of the case. At the top of the case is a 200mm fan that is blowing all of that air from the CPU straight out of the case. Seemed like the obvious way to do instead of it a 120mm fan exhaust fan on the back of the case. Recently saw a review on youtube where they tried both and exhausting upward will gain you a little more cooling. Also, I made sure to get the best heat grease as well. After reading a ton of reviews I settled on Tuniq TX-4 Thermal Compound. It is slightly better than Artic Silver, but you are air cooling so you want to get every degree possible. I have turbo off (jump to 5Ghz from 4.7Ghz is huge), and under volt from 1.55 down to v1.48 (you may be able to go lower).


            This guy got down to v1.38 which is 70watt below the 220watt power draw.

            undervolting of FX-9590? Yes, FlanK3r want be back at Overclock.net