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    Videocard switches result in game crashes


      Hi there.


      I've had HD 7850 for 3 years and it worked fine all the time.

      Now I decided to get a more powerful card and bought Sapphire 280 X Toxic. This new videocard made all my installed games crashed in 1-2 minutes of gameplay while old HD 7850 was working fine.

      I got my money back (thought it was a specific card defect) and bought Power Color RX 480 8gb. But I got the same result - any game is crashing in 1-5 minutes after the start.



      12gb RAM


      Windows 7 reinstalled.

      Drivers reinstalled 5 times.

      Bought a new PowerMan 1000 Watt power supply.

      Switched GPU frequency from 1279 default to 1255 (since 1266 is AMD nominal I guess) and lesser.

      Switched to default Wattman settings for a specific game (Witcher 3).

      GPU temperature is about 65-70 when crashing.

      Fans are rolling well.

      No any error messages for Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

      Default Windows error message for MWO and Warcraft 3.

      Full game stop for Dying Light.


      Any suggestions to solve this?

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          Which Main-Board are you using. It could be trying to utilize tech that has now been abandoned . Its sad but if your buying into a new 2016-2017 GPU your going to have to replace almost all the hardware.


          Simple board replacement should cover it. Unless you just got one, but you didnt list what  ( MoBo ) your using.

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              ASUS PBZ77-V LE PLUS


              But... the timeline of this motherboard (~early 2013) is rather close to R9 280 release date (October 2013). It seems illogically to me since I'm experiencing exactly the same issues with an old 280X card.

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                  ok, understood


                  Just to be clear we are talking about the


                  Power Color Red Devil RX 480 8gb DX12 Full unlocked with full VR support,

                  something windows-7 will never utilize or be able to use, on a MoBo that predates standards of todays A-Link A-series APU's which this is Intel and Intel hadnt come up with a name but still drivers changed regardless.


                  My point being, and i guessing you know the GPU you installing is a monster and was built for todays leading OS and sysems right ?


                  Win-7 never added SSD support with almost zero compatibility. You would not need this GPU for windows-7 or would recommend trying it ( imo)


                  Not that im bailing on any help i like to share, there just no helping a dead OS , your problem might not even be hardware in that case.


                  The p8z77-v le plus was built and standarized for 8.1, meaning its not a Win8 hardware, 8.1 is different so was the hardware made for it, thats offtopic but dead on


                  Ask me, your best shot is Win10, something that will actually support this kind of hardware, including the board.


                  If you tried Win10 and it hung or crashed,i would guess there is conflict inside the board like every other win8.1 hardware that is now known to be the worst hardware for compatibility .


                  PCIe support your going to need and is  needed for the Red-Devil is found in windows10. This is actually the reason i thought i could help


                  You listed Windows-7 Reinstalled as first item but i didn't see it until now, when i double checked to see if i overlooked that info.


                  Not trying to be blunt or something, if it was a reference 480RX that actual drivers for windows7 could be known to work could be gotten i would say there would be a chance


                  This i know, ive owned in the past off branded company cards like Power Color before , they ship with a driver and thats it. Once that driver dosent work anymore its either done or work around time


                  Your going to have better luck on the Power Color Forum for this one, if they have one for support.


                  Grab your driver HERE : PowerColor Official Website - Graphics, Cases, Power Supply


                  and call these people on phone, ask about windows7 support, if this forum dont work out.


                  Link to there FAQs Q/A on that page to

                  They all look like problems and its 37 pages long, it might be worth taking a look at, your problem is probably listed.


                  You have a nice board and a nice card.

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                No error reports in windows reliability history (not event viewer) ?

                Got any pics/links to specs of psu ?

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                  Some of the factory overclocked cards have some stability problems. I suggest running the cards at stock clock speeds and perhaps giving the card extra power with a tool like MSI Afterburner


                  Unfortunately it's not easy to fix problems like this, the best solution is to reprogram the video card BIOS to reset the card to stock speeds.


                  Another raft of problems is due to flakey coolers. Sometimes the thermal material is not applied properly.

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                    Well, guys, I've got a decision. Finally...

                    That was nothing about windows or anything else. The answer is BIOS version.

                    Quote from ASUStek site BIOS support chapter:


                    P8Z77-V LE PLUS

                    BIOS version 0905
                    1. Enhance compatibility with some PCIE device.  <<<<<<----- THIS
                    2.Revise help string in BIOS.

                    3.Support new CPUs.


                    Thank you for your time.

                    I hope my case will help someone in a future.