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    Cannot update to 16.50.2011


      I use Crimson 2016.0226.1531.27895

      AMD Catalyst Control Center says i have 15.301.1901-160226a-299900E


      But I get always the message from Crimson that there is an update version 16.50.2011-161223a-310011C (WHQL)

      and EVEN the beta has the same number: 16.50.2011-161223a-310011C (Beta) in Crimson


      At the AMD Catalyst Control center I have indicated that i wanted NOT Beta's so the version is OK.


      But the problem is everytime i start my pc , the new interface from AMD, Crimson, there is a update, and even next to that message there is a text with "beta"' with the same update version.


      When I install the update, it stays by version 15.301.1901.... and not tot 16.50.... (BETA???) . I don't want bètas, but even I unchecked this in AMD Catalyst Control it says there is an update, the general version at Crimson says there is a update 16.50.....(WHQL) but next to it the same update in beta is there 16.50(same numbers and letters).  So is it a beta or not???


      Why Crimson says i have to update when i have UNCHECKED to install beta version from graphic drivers?


      So Crimson is in beta, better to install the other AMD, AMD Catalyst Control 2015?

      My graphics card is a AMD Radeon HD 5700 series.