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driver questions about hd8650g + hd8970m (update problem)

Question asked by haroldchan2030 on Jan 15, 2017
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I have MSI GX60 with APU A10 5750 with hd8650g + hd8970m with win8.1 64-bit. I am able to update hd8970m to latest version but it turns out to be hd8650g driver having problem and cannot work properly. I have done a bit research, just want to ask and confirm if it is this because hd8650g driver does not have anymore updates so hd8970m driver is not compatible with the hd8650g of its old version? So what should I do? Do I not update hd8970m to latest in order to make hd8650g work properly? Will that be a problem for not updating to latest drivers for the games later?


Thanks a lot!