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Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Has A Serious Problem

Question asked by kingfish on Jan 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by ambrose

There’s the thing about Windows 10: you give up control. Control over updates (especially poor Windows 10 Home users) and control over privacy, but Microsoft has finally admitted the latter is a serious problem and is taking action…

In a blog post Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, said the words millions have been waiting to hear:

“Many of you have asked for more control over your data, a greater understanding of how data is collected, and the benefits this brings for a more personalized experience. Based on your feedback, we are launching two new experiences to help ensure you are in control of your privacy.”



Arguably even more important, however, are two changes being made to the Windows 10 Creators Update when it is released in the next few months (and yes, it’s still a stupid name – ‘Windows 10.2’ would be fine!).

Overhauled Privacy Settings On Install/Update – say goodbye to the rubbish ‘Express Settings’ screen on first install, with the Windows 10 Creators Update you’ll get clear but simply worded explanations and toggle switches. Users upgrading to the Creators Update will also be prompted to use after updating.

Simplified Diagnostic Data - more detail is needed here before judging the benefits but three collections levels are being cut down to just two: ‘Basic’ and ‘Full’. Basic will have only “data that is vital to the operation of Windows” which Microsoft defines are central to “keep Windows and apps secure, up-to-date, and running properly”.

Again you’ll be prompted to review your choice after installing the Creators Update.


Microsoft is making major changes to how Windows 10 handles your privacy. Image credit: Microsoft

Windows 10 ‘Basic’ privacy settings deliver a lot more user control than before. Image credit: Microsoft

Why So Long? And New Questions On The Horizon

It is said the first step towards admitting you have a problem is admitting you have a problem. But Microsoft has skipped this by both (finally) admitting its problem and coming up with some solutions in a single step. That’s commendable, though I’d prefer to have had an admission much earlier and a “We’re working on it!” message.

On top of this, the Creators Update looks set to raise as many questions as it answers due to something it will add called ‘Dynamic Lock’. This uses your PC’s web camera to monitor when you are sat in front of it so it can be automatically locked when you step away. Users will be able to disable Dynamic Lock, which solves my concerns, but it is likely to start a whole new wave of conspiracy theories.

Furthermore Microsoft must still address the issue of control over Windows 10 updates. The Creators Update introduces the option to delay the installation of non-security updates for up to 35 days, but only Windows 10 Professional, Education and Enterprise versions qualify.

This means Microsoft recognizes users’ need for control but the company continues to treat mainstream Windows 10 Home users as guinea pigs for the stability of new updates before they are provided to big business. That needs to stop and users of all versions deserve the right to have control over their PCs, should they want it.


Despite all this, it is clear Microsoft is making significant steps in the right direction with Windows 10. It just shouldn’t have taken so many obviously wrong ones in the first place.




    • hardcoregames™

      given the growth on mobile, i have a windows tablet so it can leverage location to get local weather etc etc


      not sure about options on phones yet

      • ambrose


        I don't use W10 and have no plans to but as for the privacy concerns I will just say this, People really have to get away from all these little extras. Eg. Web cam, use it only if you really have to. If you just spent the day or few hours with a friend then there is no need to talk to them on social and use the web cam. Did you forget what they looked like already? As for security on your computer....the best security starts with.......?????? The User. I myself have used different types but I now use Avast Free and windows Fire Wall with this computer 5+ years and never had an issue. When I surf my regular pages if I even notice a pop up that seems odd I don't even click the " X " I shut down via Ctrl/Alt/Delete. may be over kill but my motto, " Better Safe, then Sorry "


        As for all the other devices people own and use, People....Do you not watch movies???? When you do,  Don't you find it odd that a lot of the tech used in them seems to be creeping into our lives in one form or another? And when you see this movie tech now from some years before or even now do you really question it or do you say, " Oh I remember seeing that in ????? that's cool they could come up with that now. Yes some of it is amazing...if it is going to be implemented for the right use and improve human life, but when it is used as a " Glorified Dog Leash "  that is when you should start negating it's use from your lives.


        I know this may sound a tad paranoid, I assure you it's not, I think tech is awesome but as a regular person I just limit myself to it's uses. A few years ago I would go out for walks and say hello to a passer by, now it is a nod, because most I see are walking with their head down texting or walking with head sets on or playing a game on their pads or phones.


        Tech is awesome too bad it making the people in society become disconnected from the populace.




        Something for those who enjoy learning about new things. Enjoy TED: Ideas worth spreading


        P.P.S. In keeping with the Use tech for the betterment of man I offer one of my favorites, we all remember these 2 T.V. shows I'm sure, Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance | TED Talk |