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Howto activate FreeSync with AMD r9 470 and a FreeSync LG monitor.

Question asked by nachogo on Jan 15, 2017
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I don´t know how to activate FreeSync with full screen games (PES 2017 is the one I use most) using the HPwave600 (Intel I5-HD 5300 + AMD r9 470) and a FreeSync LG monitor ( LG 27UD68). I have freesync ON in my monitor and the connection between computer and monitor is made with Display Port 1.2 with a proper cable.


If I go, in win 10 desktop, to Radeon Crimson manager > Display tab, then there is a message saying there are no displays connected to AMD, so I can not set freesync ON in AMD driver settings (version 16.11.5)


Thanks a lot in advance.