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HDMI for Video and Displayport for Audio (RX 460 Windows 10)?

Question asked by volumnus on Jan 15, 2017

I just bought a 4K HDR TV today. Adorama has the Samsung 65" KS8000 for $1,325 after coupon code. Neither my current graphics card nor my Denon 4311 receiver are capable of HDMI 2.0A. HDMI 2.0A or higher is needed for 4K HDR resolutions.


I am thinking of buying an AMD RX 460 for my HTPC build. The RX 460 features an HDMI 2.0B output (which is of course backwards compatible with HDMI 2.0A).

I want to connect the RX460 directly to the TV using the HDMI output from the card, and I want to connect the Displayport of the RX460 directly to the Denon receiver using a passive Displayport to HDMI cable.


My goal is to transmit 4K HDR video to the TV (via HDMI) and uncompressed, lossless audio to the receiver (via Displayport) simultaneously.


I do not want to use ARC (audio return channel) from the TV to the receiver. ARC will downgrade the audio to lossy 5.1. I do not want to use an optical cable from the TV back to the receiver for the same reasons.


Will I be able to connect an RX 460 to my TV and to my older receiver using HDMI and Displayport simultaneously to achieve my objective? If so, how will I set this up in Windows? Will I need to extend the desktop? I only need the Displayport to transmit audio. The video feed is totally irrelevant. I want to put as little strain on the card as possible. If this will work, I plan to opt for the 4GB version of the RX 460 because it features a 6 pin connector. The 2GB version is powered only by the motherboard.

Thanks in advance. I'm anxious to figure out a workaround. I have nice 9.2 channel home theater system. I really can't afford a new receiver at the present time.