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HD8970M - BSOD/Crashes/Hangs/Failure to load

Question asked by shadowa on Jan 14, 2017
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Good Day,


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I am in a bothersome situation once again and this time I have no clue what is up. I have a feeling it could potentially be GPU failure? I only had the GPU for 2 years with no hard use of them. It could potentially be the driver and I may have selected the wrong one. If you could provide me with a stable Crimson driver to test I would appreciate it, I personally get tired of trying to navigate the site or for past stable drivers, and I tend to jump over text eventually.



  • AMD Graphics Card
    • HD8970M, Crossfire
  • Desktop or Laptop System
    • Alienware 18 (2013, Dell)
  • Operating System
    • Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver version installed
    • 16.11.5, I have tried the latest "ReLive". I had no issues with the Initial ReLive, but I was not actively playing Steam Games which seems to trigger the issue. I do not recall the last working Drivers before ReLive.
  • Display Devices
    • Asus PB287Q via mini display port to display port.
    • Generic pnp monitor
  • Motherboard
    • N/A, Alienware Brand, they all use the same board from my understanding; I will look into it if requested.
    • Intel, I7-4710MQ, 2.5 - 3.5 quad core.
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
    • 330 Watts.
  • RAM
    • 16GB.

Describe your issue:

  • It is hard to say. Normally I could run any game without issues. Then I decided to install "Castle Crashers" one day as I wanted to replay it. When I tried to play it, it crashed after navigating the menus to begin single player. I decided to wait it out as I assumed it was a minor bug; it has ran in the past without issues. I am pretty sure I was able to play MGSV after this issue, but I am not 100% certain. Currently, my situation is I cannot run MGSV, GTAV, Castle Crashers and probably other untested games. When I attempt to run these games, they will ether hang in which I can close the process via task manager or; I will get BSOD (refer to misc). Ironically, I have been playing League of Legends a lot, for the past 2 weeks or more (it still works at this current point in time), and I have had no issues at all with the game on high settings while multitasking between windows. I attempted to run AOE3 which also ran fine, but I did not start an actual match; the errors tend to happen on launch. The GPU seems to run smaller, older, and optimized games without issues.
  • For MGSV, the game launches and I get the network messages which you normally click through before the game menu shows. The menu shows for 2-3 seconds followed by what seems to be a resolution adjustment (it may not always occur, I just remember seeing it for sure once). After this, the game just minimizes and hangs. It sits in memory, but is not unresponsive.


  • I have not reverted to any other Drivers other than the ones mentioned, and I do not recall the last working driver. I simply grabbed the closest Crimson Driver I seen on
  • I have not used, tested or played with my Intel Graphics; normally I never had to touch it at all. My laptop cannot switch between intel GPU and AMD cards, it is one at a time. At this rate, I may have to use Intel Graphics to be safe.
  • I tried to run a GPU stress test with supportAssist which came with my Laptop. In the past, it would run without issues. Now I cannot load any of the Video stress tests, they all crash after being loaded into memory. All other tests passed.
  • I will test my GPU with Minecraft tomorrow; another non-steam game.
  • ULPS is Disabled, it is mandatory as it causes (mine specifically) laptops to hang on shutdown/restart.
  • I tried creating a registry key for "TdrDelay", set at 8 seconds. No luck, so I deleted it as I never had one by default.
  • I cannot see HDD space being an issue, however, I am sitting at 58GB, Samsung Evo.
  • BSOD Error: Thread Stuck In Device Driver. Sometimes I will get the normal BSOD screen with the detail, other times it is a solid blue screen.


Lastly, some Images that I hope will provide use.


Update 1:

Action center is providing a message, MGSV has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware? I plan on testing 16.12.1.


Update 2:

I installed 16.12.1 and ran MGSV. It loaded and launched without issues. I will test the games tomorrow. I guess it may have been faulty, beta, unstable drivers that AMD did not mention in the client update and web site. Sorry for the long post, I will update if I continue to have issues.