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Black Screen with no cursor on boot after installing windows 10 and updating drivers.

Question asked by master_willie_bee on Jan 15, 2017

Graphics Card: Sahire HD 7870 / XFX HD 7870

OS: Windows 7 AND Windows 10 both 64bit

Drivers: latest install plus many previous builds

Display: Yamakasi catleap 2560 x 1440 60hz / HP 1080 60hz / LG TV 1080 60hz

MB: Asus P8Z877-VLX

Processor: i5

PS 750 Thermal Take TR2 RX

Ram: 16 GB

Describe your issue:

This issue is happening on 2 computers, both with the same MB and card model numbers (different makes, same reference).


After upgrading to Windows 10, the system worked for about a week then crashed to a black screen with no cursor. Both systems work fine when booting into Safe mode. We should note that different versions of graphics card drivers were present on the systems, and the first computer was updated about 2 months ago while the second computer was updated recently (one is used for work, the other is the wife's and she didn't need it fixed).


After Windows 10 would not boot, I purchased 2 new HDD and did fresh Windows 10 installs on both systems. Again, the systems worked fine until I updated the graphics card drivers. I tried using many previous versions of the drivers, including drivers that were stored on the old HDD, and each time with the same issue.


Installed a fresh version of Windows 7 thinking that the issue was something with Windows 10, but with Windows 7 installed the same issue is present. It is almost like the drivers ruined the cards somehow. With windows 7 installed I tried the newest driver which did not work. I reverted to drivers that are known good because do do not update our drivers often (maybe once every time an issue crops up). I tried reverting to 3 different old drivers which were hosted on the site (selected randomly, not going down the list in order, I have tried a version of 15 even).


I can log into safe mode and install the windows vga driver. When I do, I am able to log into the system.


I am able to use my Son's HD6700 series card with the drivers that device manager downloaded automatically when I put the card in. This card works with windows 10 just fine (my son upgraded his pc to windows, my computer is on windows 7)


Can drivers permenently damage a card?  Was there a firmware update included with the latest drivers? Can Windows 10 ruin a card? I would assume that my card was just toasted, but this same scenario happened on 2 systems with the same reference more than 2 months apart.