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    Crimson Relive drivers renders hawai overclocking IMPOSSIBLE




      AMD Graphics Card: R9 390X (Hawai Sapphire Nitro 8go)

      Type of computer: Desktop

      Operating System: Windows 10 x64

      Driver installed: multiple for overclocking testing purpose (pre and after crimson relive)

      Display Devices: LG W2361 (24" FullHD), LG Ultrawide GSM5AFB (29" 2560x1080)

      Motherboard:  GIGABYTE F2A88XN-WIFI

      CPU/APU: A10-7860k @ 4.4Ghz

      Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage: Corsair SF600 80+Gold (600W SFX Gold)

      RAM: 8GB



      Using the drivers since the release of Crimson Relive, it's impossible for me to overclock my graphic card either with Wattman OR Afterburner.


      Problem is, it was working perfectly before with Afterburner.



      - I have uninstalled all amd drivers on my computer, and installed back Crimson from before relive (June 16).

      - Windows 10 detected new display drivers available and then updated the drivers from the ones I just installed.

      Afterburner then works fine to overclock and undervolt my Hawai.



      I cannot update to crimson relive, since it breaks overclocking with any software. Wattman unusuable, same for Afterburner. "Manual voltage OR manual frequency" gives me instant black screen.


      I'm not the only one, we are multiple in this case, on this topic.