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BF1 rx 470 unclocking/rollback not helping with crash

Question asked by thatboytodd on Jan 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by arcticwind


  • RX470
  • Desktop
  • Windows 10 64
  • Driver 16.11.5
  • Spectre E205w-1600, hdmi, 1600x900, 60hz
  • Asus m5a78l
  • FX 8300
  • evga 430 white
  • 8gb

Describe your issue:

  • BF1 gameplay would stop and go back to desktop saying directx error. im sure it is known by now.
  • 1600x900 medium settings



Please help me. ive made an amd account in desperation that i really want to play battlefield 1 now. i ve been dealing with this for a month playing bf4 campaign but now i really want to be a competitive bf1 player. i wouldnt care so much if i wasnt playing online. im really desperate now. ive looked all over the web and i cant find an answer. why wont amd help us? i have an rx 470, and after uninstalling with ddu in safe mode for millionth time, im fed up. i installed 16.11.5 but bf1 would crash as soon as i got to the menu.

ive used msi afterburner to underclock to 940 and it is still giving me trouble. please someone anyone help me. im a proponent of amd's view of being for the people. with its competitive pricing. but im steps away from selling my rx 470 for a gtx 1050 ti and i really dont want to do that. i want to go amd all the way with my fx series cpu


PLEASE someone help me. im literally begging at this point