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Cannot find an option to remove all game/application profiles

Question asked by shajirr on Jan 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2017 by shajirr

I just installed the latest version of Radeon Settings 16.12.2


When I click on the gaming tab after first launching the application, it freezes for like a minute, because it tries to display hundreds of profiles from games which I don't need.

Then there is no search function for whatever reason, so trying to locate a profile takes like 20-30 seconds for me, which is quite infuriating.


So, I need to remove all these profiles. And I don't see any way to do so.

I can remove the profiles one-by-one, but trying to remove one profile freezes the application for like 30 seconds, and I have hundreds of them. So this is not an option.


So, what should I do to remove all profiles? So far I've tried completely reinstalling the Radeon Settings including the driver - didn't help, all profiles still there.