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    Errors since Crimson ReLive 16.12.2 (game crash, file error)




      Since updating my driver to the newest version, I've been having issues running some video files.


      The major issue is a program crash (Rise of the Tomb Raider). The game crashes mid-cutscene and gives me this error message:

      16.12.2error1 (2).png


      Additionally when I'm streaming on Netflix, occassionally I'll get the following error message. Nothing crashes or stops, though, I can keep watching what I'm watching:

      16.12.2error2 (2).png


      I've tried reinstalling the driver and surfing for a solution on here, but I can't find anything that works. Any suggestions?


      Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add my specs, I've got a Radeon RX 470 on Windows 10 (64).