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    How to create non-executable game profiles.


      Some games (most of them MMORPGs) don't have an executable (.exe) file. Usually, the game starts from a launcher.


      As Radeon Settings only recognize executable files, here's how I manually add non-executable games settings to the driver.


      I'll use Lineage 2 as example, which it's launcher starts "L2.bin".


      - Locate the L2.bin file in your game folder;

      - Make a backup copy of it;

      - Rename it to L2.exe;

      - Open Radeon Settings, go to the "GAME" tab and click "+Add" to manually add L2.exe.

      - Go to "C:\Users\ur username\AppData\Local\AMD\CN" and edit the "gmdb.blb" file with notepad.

      - Change the "exe_path" from L2.exe to L2.bin. You can also change the title. Just make sure you are only editting the line corresponding to the game you want manually add.

      - Save and close it. End Radeon Settings proccess through Task Manager and start it again.






      Works perfectly.


      Hope it helps.