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    OH, I meant to be say about Driver Setting.


        What I said to Mr.sandrino is that Parts of AMD Settings like Video and Display are used by Intel graphic controler.Sorry,do i missunderstood?Part of GPU deprnds iGPU? For example if it was PC that has nVidia and Intel both GPU Video Setting and Display setting on nVidia control panel  may be  used on Intel graphic contoroler.If by Optumus changed it is possible to use video setting and display setting of nVidia control panel? I saw PS with nVidia on Shop.Please refer windows 8.1 - NVIDIA Control Center Only Lists 3D Settings - Super User

        Even if PC has AMD and Intel both GPU, if i change GPU,I could be use Video and Display settings on AMD!?If i use BIOS can i use video settings and diplay settings on AMD?My PC is DELL

      Inspiron 17 5759.GPU are AMD Radeon ™ R 335M and Intel HD 520 Graphic. My PC has AMD Catalyst controller and Intel graphic control.

      HP with AMD and Intel can use Video settings and Display settimgs?This can change GPU by BIOS?I should use BIOS by legacy mode?