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rx480 no picture on panasonic tv

Question asked by bruceldorf on Jan 14, 2017

Hi all,


I am running Windows 10 64-bit OS with a nice new MSI Gaming X RX480 8Gb.

My primary display is a Dell 24" (1920x1200, 16:10) monitor and this is connected to my RX 480 by one of the Displayport connectors.

But I also want to be able to output games and movies to a Panasonic LED TV VIERA TH-50CX700A.

This TV has a max screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 (16:9), and it's HDMI spec says '4K 60/50p with HDCP2.2'.

But when I connect the Panasonic TV to one of my RX 480 HDMI ports, I can't get any display output onto the TV.

Well, actually, the BIOS splash screen flashes up on the TV, and if I go into BIOS setup I can see that on the TV, but as soon as Windows loads, the TV screen goes black and stays black.

With both displays connected to the RX480, but my PC usable via the Dell monitor only, I carry on.

When I open the Radeon settings in the system tray, the Panasonic TV is detected  (see attached screen shot of what I can see there).

I noticed that the 'Current HDCP Status' of the TV is 'Disabled'. This isn't a setting that I can edit, but could that be a problem, I'm not sure?

I have tried Extending, Duplicating, Display only on '1', etc. in the Windows multiple display settings to no avail so far.

I have tried booting to the TV only, with no Dell monitor connected, multiple times trying different cables and HDMI ports on both the RX480 and TV ends.


If anyone can offer me any more ideas it would be greatly appreciated!!


Thanks heaps!