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RX480 atikmpag.sys BSOD/artifacts

Question asked by mike2017 on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by mike2017

I'm having problems with my MSI RX 480 which I replaced because I kept getting the same BSOD after seeing artifacts but i'm still getting the same problem.

- I have tried older drivers,

- Everything is up to date

- Reinstalled Windows 10.

- Doesn't happen when using the Intel graphics

- Tried both PCI slots and VGA cables

- No manual overclocks

My Build

- i5 6500, B150 Gaming M3, Hyperx Fury DDR4 8GB, EVGA Supernova G2 550w


I see the artifacts and then the monitor will go off and on with different coloured artifacts (I've attached pictures) until I get a BSOD that says VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE and the cause is atikmpag.sys, it normally happens when I login and has happened once while playing GTA V, my guess is the motherboard is faulty but has anyone got any idea what else it could be?IMG_0522.JPGIMG_0523.JPG