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World of Tanks keep crashing on rx 480 rs 8gb

Question asked by last_dovahkiin on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2017 by red_dream

So I got new graphic card, xfx rx 480 rs 8gb, and since i updated to it and installed game keep crashing.. sometimes playing normally for 4-5 hours, and sometimes it crash in countdown, i enter again, and it crash not more than 10 seconds after i reconnected... soo since it's like that probably problem is in game and not me, so anyone have same problem or even better did anyone found solution?


Did clear reinstall of drivers of gpu (usig DDU), updated motherboard bios etc., deinstall and again install wot client 2 times, tried to run WoT in win 7 com. mode, run as administrator... always same issue.



i5 6600 3.2ghz
8gb ram 2133mhz
win 10 pro x64


Driver version: 16.12.2


1. i didnt switch from nvidia to amd, i got completely now pc, so there is no problem with some "left overs" of nvidia drivers
2. with every other game everything works great (skyrim, total war games etc.), only this specific game seems to have this issue
3. no error messages, no info why game crash, and game dont automatically restart, i need to start wot manually again



i rly hope someone can help me solve this cause i stoped playing wot for now (it's really sh** when this happen in close games and u lose, i rage quited soo many times...)