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Exception Breakpoint Has Been Reached Error/H1Z1/Overclocked 480

Question asked by potter_187 on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2017 by redfury

Hi guys,Im completely new to pc gaming so bear with me.


Recently bought a new pc and it has a 4gb XFX RX 480 RS in it.


I play H1Z1 and the game keeps crashing with the error 'exception breakpoint has been reached'. After looking on their site this is down to an overclocked GPU and after arguing with them that mine isn't ive now been told they are apparently factory overclocked is this correct?


So I downloaded AMD's Radeon settings with the wattman feature as I've read that I can underclock the GPU just for certain games. Basically after looking at it I have no idea what settings to change to achieve this and don't want to mess anything up so if anyone could help me out would be much appreciated.


Many thanks