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amd radeon crimson problems

Question asked by pappgabor on Jan 13, 2017
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a few days ago I tried to update to the new AMD Crimson software but I received an error code 175. The icon of Crimson has disappeared but I can find the old Crimson in the Device Manager. Fifa 16 started to lag as well.


Then I tried to uninstall the old Crimson but I am not able to do that, the answer: Uninstall is unsuccesfull. I tried to uninstall the old AMD Crimson when I received the error code because I cant find it in the Device Manager.


Previously, when I had Win 8.1, I could find the Radeon Crimson software in Control Panel, then I changed to Win 10, but now I can not to find it there, thus I can't uninstall that way. Now I can only find the Vulkan Run Time Libraries in Control Panel. After update for Win 10, I installed Win 10 clean because that did not work perfectly. Since then I cant find the icon in the control panel.


I have a Dell 5548 (i7,8G) laptop with AMD R7 M 270 4G graphic card and Intel 5500 graphic card.


Thanks for your help in anticipation.