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    Multi-card multi-display setup questions ...


      My computer has 2 AMD Radeon R5-240 video cards installed.

      These cards are NOT connected to each other.

      Each card has 1 display attached via the DVI port on each card.

      I would like to add an additional monitor to each card.

      What is the recommended method for doing this?

      Should I use a DVI splitter for each card?

      Should I use HDMI splitters for the entire setup and not use the DVI ports at all?


      Thanks in advance


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          normally you would plug both monitors into the main card, the cards don't need to be connected as Crossfire uses the PCIe slots to communicate between the cards

          first thing you should verify is that your motherboard supports crossfire.

          once your over that hurdle plug both screens into the main card split if you must, everything elose should be set up in windows via the advanced display tab

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            You need splitter only if you want to duplicate image on those additional monitors.

            If you want full control on all displays, you must plug additional displays via separate cables (HDMI for example). One per each video card. You must disable Crossfire in this case.