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    driver update error


      ive been trying to update my crimson drivers from version 16.12.1 to version 16.12.2 only to get a message sayin this application is incompatible with 64 bit windows.

      my specs are

      cpu: i7 6700

      ram: 16 gb

      gpu: rx 460

      mbo: gigabyte h170m-d3h

      os: windows 7 enterprise 64 bit

        • Re: driver update error

          Why in the world are you trying to update to the 16.12.2 drivers? Can't you see all the problems associated with it? Just stay with what is working for you....the notice that there is a update available is just that....a notice. It is not a requirement.

          If you insist....Update your OS. Win7 must be fully updated from Windows Updated before trying to install any AMD driver.

          Then a clean install of the AMD drivers > Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers