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    Freesync not working in The Division


      Freesync does not work in The Division - the OSD menu shows that the refresh rate is locked 90hz (the monitor's setting in Windows). The freesync windmill demo and any other game I've tried (among others DOOM, Just Cause 3, Titanfall 2) work fine and the refresh rate adapts to the FPS as expected.


      I've tried any combination of settings in The Division, including DX11 / DX12, Fullscreen, Borderless Window, Windowed and all combinations of vsync / FRTC in-game and via the driver's game settings.


      My specs are as below:

      • Radeon Software Version - 16.12.2
      • Radeon Software Edition - Crimson / ReLive
      • Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series (Sapphire Nitro 390)
      • Memory Size - 8192 MB
      • Memory Type - GDDR5
      • Core Clock - 1010MHz
      • Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)
      • System Memory - 8 GB
      • CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670kCPU 4.0GHz
      • Monitor - ASUS MG279Q


      Please let me know if you need further information on how to reproduce the issue or things I should test.



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          I have the same issue and discovered that all the ReLive drivers break Freesync functionality for the Division.


          Rolling back to an older driver before ReLive was released (I used Crimson 16.11.5) restores Freesync functionality for me in this game using DX12. Curiously, I am still unable to get it to work with DX11.


          Apparently, we are not isolated cases. A quick Google search using the keywords "The Division" and "freesync" yields posts from Reddit and this AMD community with people who have the same problems.


          I am hoping AMD will acknowledge this problem and eventually fix it. Until then, I am stuck using the pre-ReLive drivers for now.


          I hope this helps you.

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              Thanks, I also found these other threads, but no recent one here, so I thought I'd make it.


              It would be nice to have someone from AMD chime in and confirm that this is a known issue. I love the features and performance improvements of the ReLive drivers and don't want to go back unless I absolutely have to.

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              Just popping in to say that I tried the latest released drivers (17.1.1) and FreeSync still does not work with The Division. I tried the workarounds in the release notes (minimizing all windows) and went as far as disconnecting all my monitors except for the FreeSync capable monitor, still no dice. I have since reverted back to Crimson 16.11.5, and FreeSync is again working. The difference between FreeSync and no FreeSync for a resource-heavy game like The Division is incomparable. I just cannot play it without FreeSync.


              Just to note, with the ReLive drivers I am able to get FreeSync to work with a few other games I play regularly, including Overwatch, CS:GO, and Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha.


              It is discouraging to me that you have not received any feedback from AMD about this issue. A simple Google search shows that these are not isolated issues, has been an issue for months, and that some other games might also be affected (e.g. Rainbow Six Siege). An acknowledgement of the problem, even if there are no plans to fix it at this time, would put my mind at ease. To have to worry about games not working properly with the advertised technology is already disheartening, but to not hear back from anyone representing AMD is very disappointing.


              I'm hoping that we may hear from someone who has FreeSync working with the Division on the latest ReLive drivers, so that we might compare specs and troubleshoot. Other than that, I'm resigned to using old drivers as long as I still play the Division and upgrading only once I stop playing the Division, which may not be for a while.

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                New here and this is my first post. This does indeed happen with Rainbow Six Siege as well. ive tried it with 16.2.1 and 16.2.2 and still broken had to revert back. Ive gone to 17.1.1 (after for wtv reason W10 decided to "update" my gpu driver to 16.6, i know right) and it is STILL broken for siege. My guess is, it must definitely have something to do with Battleye as battleye seems to block overlays as well (at one point my ab overlay wouldnt work to monitor temps) and im guessing the relive app, although not installed must be conflicting with it somehow. This is just an educated guess though, idk what anticheat software the division uses.

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                  Addendum to my original post:


                  I recently upgraded to an R9 Fury and the problem persists. The same problem also seems to be present in the For Honor closed beta.


                  If anyone from AMD can reply here to inform us if this is a know issue, I'd appreciate it

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                    Just stopping in to say that, like bluej511, the latest drivers (17.2.1) are working for me. Freesync is working great with the Division using DX12 on full screen mode. My visuals are buttery smooth even with large fluctuations in FPS. Really happy with things now. I'm glad the folks at AMD fixed this issue. Couldn't be more pleased.


                    Thanks for all your input. Here's hoping that the latest drivers work for you, too.