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    Eyefinity configuration - Bezel compensation problem.


      Have three monitors, one of them is rotated by 90 degree. Configuration is carried correctly...

      Before Bezel.JPG

      ...to the stage "Bezel compensation": now image on that 90-degr. monitor switches automatically to zero degree!


      After Bezel.JPG

      Now, if I press on the menu "turn off a Eyefinity screen", all monitors go into stand-by mode and does not react. It requires reset the computer. After restarting the computer system screens as follows (two desktops are turned 90 degree):


      After reset.JPG


      The only solution is to set up Eyefinity until "Bezel compensation" - without running the function. It's frustrating...

      (Sorry for bad english - using translator)




      16GB RAM

      Asus Z170-X

      XFX RX480 8GB GTR black edition, Crimson ver. 16.12.1

      Monitors: left 4:3 14" LCD at 90 degree 768x1024, center (main monitor): 21:9 34" LG 2560x1080, right: 4:3 17" Benq 1280x1024.

      Win10 64bit