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Eyefinity configuration - Bezel compensation problem.

Question asked by vitas on Jan 12, 2017

Have three monitors, one of them is rotated by 90 degree. Configuration is carried correctly...

Before Bezel.JPG the stage "Bezel compensation": now image on that 90-degr. monitor switches automatically to zero degree!


After Bezel.JPG

Now, if I press on the menu "turn off a Eyefinity screen", all monitors go into stand-by mode and does not react. It requires reset the computer. After restarting the computer system screens as follows (two desktops are turned 90 degree):


After reset.JPG


The only solution is to set up Eyefinity until "Bezel compensation" - without running the function. It's frustrating...

(Sorry for bad english - using translator)





Asus Z170-X

XFX RX480 8GB GTR black edition, Crimson ver. 16.12.1

Monitors: left 4:3 14" LCD at 90 degree 768x1024, center (main monitor): 21:9 34" LG 2560x1080, right: 4:3 17" Benq 1280x1024.

Win10 64bit