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    rx 470 signal getting disappear




      i have MSI ARMOR RX 470 GB OC graphic card. The screen turns off and on during normal use. when i play game screen getting black. and signal getting disappear. PC fix only with hard reset.


      my driver is 16.12.2.


      i tried;


      -clean format and new win10 64 bit pro and win7 64bit pro

      -used DDU and installed latest driver again

      -installed only inf files of driver.  and nothing has changed.


      my pc hardware;

      gigabyte P55-ud3l rev. 2.3 mainboard

      intel İ5 760 2.8 processor

      team dark 2x4 gb 2400 mhz ram

      sandisk 240 gb ssd

      3x 2 TB seagate hdd

      thermaltake 550w psu


      can you help me with this issue?  anyone solved this problem?