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Big fps drop after updating to 16.12.2

Question asked by kamikrazy on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by chris282

On Windows 10 and R9 380, I updated to 16.12.2 and after restart ran into horizontal lines flickering on the windows login screen .  Once at the desktop, would get the lines initially but would settle down once all the startup apps completed.


After signing into Steam, launched Skyrim SE and ran into the fps drop.  Routinely was getting between 45-60 fps on older drivers, and now getting 15-25 fps on 16.12.2.  Launched Fallout 4 with a similar drop in fps. Thought it might be Steam so I launched Uplay and Watch Dogs 2, frame rate was 15-20 fps.


Reinstalled 16.12.2 drivers using the clean install option, same deal. Flickering lines at login, fps drop in all games.  Uninstalled 16.12.2, went back to 16.11.5, games play just fine at 45-60 fps.