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    FIFA 17 Screen Flickering


      Hello AMD Community family,

      I bought FIFA 17 but i can't play. I have screen flickering error.   I have Radeon R5 M330 and APU. While i was playing fifa with APU there weren't any problem but while i was playing with R5 M330 there are a screen flickering problem. Here are SS and Dxdiag. I am playing BATTLEFIELD 1 well with this system. I am using Radeon Crimson ReLive 16.12.2 driver



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          This is currently a known issue under investigation, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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              I am having the same issue with Radeon R5 M330 and AMD R5 Graphics.

              I have been doing a lot of testing. One of the things I noticed was when I went back to catalyst-15.11.1beta (after a complete cleanup using amdcleanuputility), the issue disappeared but fifa 17 does not support 15.11 and I ended up with other issues. I read about 15.11 beta in some forum. I did a complete new installation (after amdcleanuputility) of the latest 17.1.2, unfortunately I see the same issue.

              I do not see this mentioned as a known issue in the driver release notes. Could you please let me know if you have any updates on this issue?






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              I have the same issue.

              Try moving back to catalyst-15.11.1beta (after a complete cleanup using amdcleanuputility). You might not see the flickering issue, at least you should be able to watch the players moving. But it is not a driver the game supports so you might end up with other issues.