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PowerColor Red Dragon RX 460 Multiple issue's

Question asked by elitestate on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by elitestate

I'm trully getting annoyed with this graphics card as i cant game, even though my specs are good. when launching a game it will be okay in the menu's most of the time but soon as you start playing, my screen goes black but the sound of the game continues, i can exit to the desktop after this happens most of the time, before i was getting a bsod that said video scheduler error or something along those lines.

I also have an issue about dvxa, i watch twitch alot and sometimes the screen will freeze and in the player there would be random image artifacts, so i have disabled hardware acceleration in firefox which fix's it but why should i need to disable it?


the black screen happens on every game ive tried, so its not the game's


what i've done:

-Tested with new power supply, same problems.

-R.M.A'd for the same card, same issue which leaves me to think its a driver issue of software somewhere conflicting

-i have tried a fresh install using ddu multiple times, tried powercolors driver... same problem

-O.s format and install

-disabled anything power saving in windows and in bios.

-checked for bios updates, none available

-tried reseating the gpu & ram

-created reg for tdrdelay and set to 8

--rma'd my motherboard, problem is still there


I'm honestly clueless at what to do now, i've tried other forums and come to no conclusion

OS - Windows 10 pro 64-bit

GPU -  Powercolor rx 460 2gb

CPU - FX6300

motherboard - gigabyte GA-78lmt-usb3 rev 6

500w corsair powersupply (Thought it was the psu before, bought this one from my friend and the errors continue.

2 x 4gb corsair ram

Cooler Master: Hyper 212 EVO

Event Viewer: 4101 Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.


would love it if anyone can chip in and maybe help resolve the problem, thanks in advanced.


i have attached a hwinfo64 log, i started the game, when it launched i went through the mennu, its started loading textures and boom black screen, had to press my windows button on keybaord for my screen to respond