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    Driver Crashes


      Hi, i have a problem with Drivers
      GPU : R9 380 2GB @Stock
      CPU : i5 6600K@4.3Ghz
      MB : Asus Z170

      RAM : 16GB
      Displays : 2.1920x1080@60Hz
      OS : W10 64Bits
      So my problem is : Dishonored 2 on Old Drivers ( Don't know the version have to install it to know :/ ) Crashes the driver, and Watch Dogs 2 Works Perfectly
      Dishonored 2 on New Drivers ( Last ) Works, but Sometimes Crashes ( Not The Driver ) And Watch Dogs 2 Crashes the driver.

      Graphics : Dishonored 2 : High Preset
      Watch Dogs 2 : Medium with Some Settings on High



      EDIT : Yesterday i installed the Driver i'd installed when i bought my pc,, yesterday everything worked perfectly and now everything crashes the driver..

      Thank you