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    I can't get ReLive to record anything


      I can't get ReLive to record anything, I heard that disabling Hyper-V will solve the problem, but Hyper-V is only available on Windows Pro or Enterprise, I have neither and there is no Hyper-V to disable. However, I could take snapshots and bring up the toolbar using Alt+Z.


      GPU: MSI 2GB Radeon R7 240

      OS: Windows 10 Home

      CPU: AMD Athlon II X4

      Memory: 6GB

      HDD: WD 80 GB

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          Show us your recording config inside of radeon settings.

          Open radeon settings -> click on relive (at the bottom) -> open Global and Recording tabs, and make screenshos of them, then share these here (for example with imgur.com).

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            You could try these:

            a)Changing where the files are saved to somewhere outside your /Users directory, for example another disk or partition.

            b)Disabling xbox DVR windows service

            c)lowering fps, recording resolution, or bitrate a bit.

            Sorry for a late reply, I totally forgot about this thread for some reason.

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                I uninstall xbox, change record settings and hotkeys 50x, reinstall drivers 6x with DDU (16.12.2/17.1.1/17.1.2), close all other apps, and relive still not recordig, dont show toolbar, screenshoots didn't working too. In recording settings page i got info: " Your recoring settings may be adjusted for your hardware depending on actual resolution".

                I turn off Hyper-V in windows and Intel Virutal Technology in Bios


                In task manager, process: AMD Relive: Host Application <-- this app is using 30% of my cpu all time, when i turn on relive and when i turn off.

                I am really done, I never got problems with nvidia gpus, it's my first amd gpu and important app for me is dosen't work. I lost 2 whole days for reinstalling drivers and trying everything, still nothing.


                Ps. Plays.tv it's not working too, crashing Overwatch and dosen't works in other games (error 20032).

                Ps. I don't have HEVC codec in relive, when i should have with rx480.

                My PC spec: MSI Z170a Gaming M3, intel i5-6500 3.2ghz, MSI RX 480 4gb, 2x4gb DDR4, 1 HDD, XFX TS550W, WIN10 64b Anniversary Edition

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                    I'm sorry for you, that your experience with this card is this troublesome.

                    It's strange you don't even see the toolbar. Have you tried contacting customer support about your issue?

                    I know that windows 10 tends to ignore manually installed drivers and updates them by itself from windows update, which often breaks things. I have windows 7 myself so I don't have to check what drivers I am actually using, because it uses the ones I installed.

                    What I would try is:

                    1)Downloading 16.12.2 and DDU

                    2)Booting into safe mode

                    3)Uninstall current drivers with DDU, and disable internet connection

                    4)Reboot, install 16.12.2, still with no internet, and preferably with disabled antivirus

                    5)Reboot (I believe it asks you to after installing the drivers). Relive installation should finish after that (you should get a popup)

                    6)check if hevc is available and is overlay working. Because of hevc option missing, I believe that your driver installation is broken or incomplete.

                    Also make sure the xbox DVR is disabled, I have no idea if you can uninstall it. It's not the app, it's the recording service that has to be disabled.


                    Good luck

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                        I disable xbox dvr few weeks ago, now I uninstall all xbox because i can't turn on this **** It crash 1s after open, trying reinstall xbox 5x and use few tips from net, but still dosen't work, idk why, I never use this

                        Hmm are u sure with installation finish popup after last windos restart ? I never got this.


                        AMD service is ignoring me.

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                            Yes, I am sure that when I installed ReLive drivers, the driver install window popped up first thing after reboot to finish the installation and notified me that ReLive is now installing, then that it succeeded. If any newer driver release shows up, I'll upgrade and make screenshots, tough I am sure you can find videos or screenshots of it online.

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                                I do not understand why these drivers can be installed wrong, before I update my windows to 'anniversary edition' i remember HEVC was there, and recording works too (on drivers 17.1.1). But people use relive on win10 anniversary so it can't be cause. I find all ot of topics in internet with relive and hvec problems, but everywhere is 1 answer 'disable hyper-v' - this not works for me so i am sad.

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                                    Lol, I reinstall drivers 1 more time with DDU and now works o0 what. After 7x identical reinstalls it's finally works and hevc is here.......

                                    Its stupid, why 1 time is everything ok, and 2nd time no, amd what?!


                                    Now I just please God there no longer breaks ... FTW 10x reinstall it's only 1 way to repair this - retar**d.


                                    Now I want to know, AVC or HEVC is better for me to recording games? (i5-6500, 8gb ddr4, rx480 4gb), and what video and audio bitrate is most optimal?

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                            Thank you so much!

                            I am going to try your suggestions and see what happens.  I'm glad that you answered, no need to apologize.