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Questions regarding recent Driver update.

Question asked by judesman on Jan 10, 2017

AMD invited me to update my driver for an R7 250 graphics card. It was the wrong driver and only partially installed. I ran AMD Driver AutoDetect and this resolved the problem but left me with some queries although all seems to be working now.


The incorrect driver was only partially installed so I assume that downloading the correct driver has overwritten the partially installed driver and there is no further action I need to take, is that correct?


Following the correct installation an AMD Repair Utility appeared in the Win 10 Start Menu but the shortcut could not find the programme so I deleted the shortcut.  I assume the Repair Utility was part of Auto detect.  Is that correct please?


Previous references to my graphics card referred to the R7 250 specifically but now all references are to R7 200 series. Device Manager states that "Device is working Properly" so I assume that the series reference does not matter?


Should I have a Catalyst Control Centre?  I can't find this.


The general content above was posted on a thread originated by me on 5th January. The post was never moderated with the result that no one could see the post and the subsequent replies to my thread were to a certain extent irrelevant. I don't understand why the post was never moderated.  I also wonder what AMD are doing inviting me to download and update the wrong driver.