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16.12.2 WHQL drops Vulkan performance with Doom

Question asked by nikosd on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2017 by nikosd

I just upgraded from 16.12.2 beta to 16.12.2 WHQL and the performance of Vulkan Doom 2016 dropped in half using my system.

My initial FPS were at ~110 fps using 16.12.2 and now using 16.12.2 WHQL dropped ~55fps.


So, it seems that the CPU utilization of my Core i5-2400 dropped also in half and that doesn't seem like a coincidence.


Did you change something internally in the Vulkan API because the version is exactly the same.


My system is Win 10 x64 - RX 470 - 16.12.2


I went back to 16.12.2 beta and everything is OK now, I'm back to my ~110 fps.


Please, fix that Vulkan issue ASAP or at least explain why the CPU usage of 4 core system went down to half (and so did the FPS)