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Incompatible graphic card drivers or graphics hardware, which don´t meet requirements of the (video editing) application

Question asked by maheikki on Jan 10, 2017
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I am new in this forum and I don´t know very much about drivers and suchlike. Now my video editing software (Magix: Movie Edit pro plus) informs that graphics card drivers are incompatible.

My system:

Desktop:                       HP Pavilion 500-204eo

Motherboard:                MS-7778 (JasmineR)

AMD graphics Card:     Dual system?: AMD Radeon HD 8670D version (29.9.2016)

                                                             AMD Radeon R7 240 version (29.9.2016)

Operating system:        Windows 10 Home 64 bit version 1607

CPU:                            AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon

                                     HD Graphcis 3.70 GHz

RAM:                            16,0 Gt


As far as I understood it is just AMD Radeon R7 which is incompatible. Secondly I understood that drivers in AMD HD 6000 and HD 7000 series would be suitable. I didn´t get yet any exact numbers for those series, but I´ll continue "fighting" to get them also from Magix. 

I still have one or two problems concerning those drivers.

1. Is it so that I have so called dual graphics card system where the cards are operating integrated? The product specification says that Video graphics is Radeon R7 240, but in the computer there is also listed the HD 8670D updated version and also the HP expert tells me about the integration.

2. If it is dual system. What would be the proper pair of drivers that includes AMD 6000 or AMD 7000 drivers?

3. Is it safe to insert the new drivers without destroying the whole system?

4. What about the updates? There is the automatic updating of Windows. Does it also include the drivers? Confusions in future?

5. General question about series numbers. For example is the AMD HD 8670D later version than those numbered 6000 and 7000?

Oh, it was nice to pour out my troubles. I really hope that somebody could help me to continue the battle.