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ALL AMD RELIVE Driver wont install on my Windows 10 pro (RX 480)

Question asked by brbgottapee93 on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by buzuka

Before I was able to install AMD ReLive driver 16.12.2 (Dec 19). Until this latest Driver came out, so i uninstalled my current driver using DDU and tried to install the latest ReLive driver. But after the extraction complete, the setup didn't pop out, it only extract the installation files and nothing more. Tried the DEC 19 (16.12.2) driver and it did the same. Only the old drivers are working (16.11.x). Any solutions? Please help.


Update: I tried updating it on the Radeon settings, it prompts me if I want to launch the installer but when I click yes nothing happens. The installer isn't running when ever I try to update. It appears on the task manager but it disappears after 15-30 seconds.


Windows 10 Pro x 64
i7 4770
RX 480 4 gb Nitro + OC
8 Gb ram