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Scaling Options and Color Calibration missing

Question asked by greybr on Jan 9, 2017

Ok My first little big problem is that the option to calibrate the color and the contrast to disappeared in the last update
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The nest problem I have practically since Crimson in my previous R9 270x
When I want to change my resolution to 1600x900 the screen goes to 30hz

When set to 60hz the resolution changes to 640x480

Then I put it back to 1600x900 and the options of scaling shine by its absence


Sin título1.png


Gigabyte RX470

Crimson 16.12.2
Intel core i5 2500k

8gb ram hyper x drr3
Windows 10 Home
500B EVGA power suppy
I use a 32inch 1360x768 RCA tv like monitor conected via HDMI


Extra: The problem with the resolutions I have since my previous R9 270x

Previously windows recognized 1920x1080 as my native resolution but now it says that my native is 1280x720, when I activate the GPU scaling the resolutions appear in full screen but in a quality of 720p, if 2560x1440 compressed in 720p for example