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HP Pavilion 15 (AMD A8/R5 Graphics & R7 M360) - Laptop can't run any games?

Question asked by zipzopdippidybop on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by delasos

Allright lads; I bought an HP Pavilion 15-ab113na some time ago for basic use, but I would also like to run some games with it. Given its specs I expected it to be able to run some recent games on medium settings. It can run games like Stronghold 1 and Medieval Total War fine, but on games like Rome Total War, Left 4 Dead and LOTRO it either can't handle the graphics, or it overheats and crashes (even on low settings; with LOTRO after a few minutes running on DX10/11 I get a DirectX error 128, with it causing the whole laptop to crash on DX9/with Left 4 Dead it simply crashes the entire laptop after a minute of very stuttery play). I suspect that there's something amiss with my AMD settings maybe, especially considering the age of these games. I have updated my drivers to the latest versions (see picture), and yesterday I reinstalled Windows (only keeping personal files) and removed as much bloatware as I could, yet the problem persists. I am very confused as to what the problem is. Is my laptop simply incapable of handling these games?


Here is a picture showing my AMD Control Panel; I have also attached my System Information.txt for further information.




Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated; I really want this thing to work!