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    I lag with this rig???


      AMD graphics card: Radeon R5 cizziar(something like that)

      Laptop:Hp ba051wm

      Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit

      Driver: I believe Radeon Software Crimson Edition latest, January 3rd downloaded

      Display: Default hp screen


      APU: A10 9600p 7th generation

      Power supply: N/a



      When i first got this computer I never lagged and had i beleive 435mb of ram. Know I lag every single game including team fortress 2 at low and even rob lox at low. And on system requirement labs it says i only have 128mb of vram when i should have much more. I was very confused that i can't even play a game. This use to be a good laptop to game with, i use to play very good and 35 fps in csgo with out drivers. Know it lags every game. Low fps. I did reset my pc like 4 or 5 times so that might be a problem.  I am depressed because i can not play