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    Problem with Relive


      Hey guys , im actually having some serious issues with the ReLive.


      I never used it , but in 3 weeks ago i started trying some things, i just wanted to use "Instant replay" for some good quality videos.


      I usually play "Infestation Survivor Stories: NewZ" first weeks the game seens fine with Relive, all working great. But now these days when i try to Play the game with ReLive Active it says:


      "The application cant acess your graphic hardware" - something like that, and it just works if i turn off the Relive.


      I already tried to reinstall, redownload and repair the game in Steam, but not working...

      Tried to install some old drivers, not working also ( Im actually using the 16.12.1 ) :

      - 16.11.5

      - 16.12.2


      Can someone help me?


      Operating system : Win 10 64 Bits

      Processor: Intel i5-4460

      Graphics card(s): AMD XF HD 7770 CORE EDITION 1GB

      Overclocking? : Nop

      Power Supply ( wattage,manufacturer, and model number ) : CORSAIR cx500W CP-9020047

      Have you checked for a Motherboard bios update? : yep

      Windows Update current? 'Optional' updates installed? : all ok

      When did the issue first appear?: 1 week ago

      Steps you have taken to correct the issue : Already talked