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    Switching from Intel to MSI


      A couple days ago my entire computer was working just fine, yet one day when I start it up it seems to not use my MSI RX 480 4gb as priority. I went to the Device Manager and saw it was using the Intel HD Graphics 530 but my GPU was still showing up. I have tried looking up how to switch it and every time it directs me to use the AMD Control Center, however I cannot open it because it does not recognize my GPU.


      When I attempt to open the MSI Gaming App I get "This platform does not support this application." MSI Live Update 6 tells me all my drivers are updated.

      And when I open AMD Settings I get "Radeon Settings are currently not available. Please try again after connecting a display to AMD graphics and extending the display."


      How do switch priority of Intel to MSI without having to use an AMD/MSI application?