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I changed my memory settings and now I get a black screen whenever I boot the PC!

Question asked by throssetto on Jan 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by throssetto

Hi there,


I have a AMD Radeon 6670 HD and was recently facing problems when playing games (random blackscreens and crashes). I updated my drivers and got into the legacy program, as my product seems to be in end of life, downloading the newest version of Radeon Crimson. That unfortunately didn't solve my problem, so I tried changing some settings in the Overdrive page, seeking better results. As I changed the memory frequency I faced some screen glitches and a restart, which left me with a black screen whenever I turned the PC on.


I searched for a fix around the web but found none, therefore i decided to clean reinstall windows 10 to perhaps get the old drivers and fix the problem, which at first worked, but as i tried to update and download new drivers I faced the same black screen again!


Help please!