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    FX-8350 @5GHz - 24/7


      Hi. I overheat my hw to the 5.0GHz, I've 1.524V on vCore, 2.65V on vDDA in standby from ITE IT8721F

      Question, what power needs for CPU/NB in this situation? Thanks.


      • ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 (AMD K15/Socket AM3+/AMD990FX)
      • AMD FX-8350 noEight(4)-Core Processor (5.0GHz/1.5V)
      • AMD R7 Performace Series R738G1869U2S (2x8GB/1.866GHz)
      • KINGSTON SV300S37A120G (120GB)
      • MSI R9 390X (1.2GHz/1.6GHz)
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          You had made a strange decision.8 cores @4700 looks more interesting (for me)

          And your CPU temperature reading may be wrong, when you lock/unlock cores

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            As far as i remembr for am3+ platforms voltages:

            CPU vcore = VDD

            CPU module/clock = VDDA

            CPU cache = CPU/NB

            NB = MOBO NB


            VDDA gives you more stability when OC system by BCLK. But for 24/7 operation you can't run those voltages as they are near limit for FX8350. What i mean is you wont have a safety gap if something goes above expected, wich can lead to a dead CPU.


            How did you achieved the 5ghz?  Did you overclocked only by multiplyer or also by BCLK?

            I personally dont like to OC my systems with BCLK until i know perfectly the system capability, wich means i start to OC by multiplayer each component, like

            1- CPU mult +vcore

            2- cpu cache +cpu/nb voltg

            3- cpu mult+ cpu cache + vdda

            4- ram

            5- etc...


            And only when i know my parts max OC i then revert some parts to stock multiplyer and rise BCLK.


            If you OC by BCLK you will OC your entire system at the same time: CPU, all of HTT, CPU/NB, RAM, etc and when you got instability its almost impossible to find were it comes from.

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