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      Hello everyone, i'm chilean, my name is alex and i bought a laptop "hp pavilion 15-aw000" (1 week new laptop) with this specs: (sorry for my bad english)



      cpu amd a10 9600p radeon r5 2.4ghz

      ram 16gb

      video adm radeon r5 + r8 m445dx 4gb


      my trouble is that chipset is not avaible in settings and i can´t play nothing...


      i need your help, in support and downloads drivers not found the R8 drivers, and i download the autofind driver and this app install the amd radeon r7 m340 driver :/


      halp pls u.u

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          What is the version of OS?

          "hp pavilion 15-aw000" -it is not full model name. See on bottom side of your laptop. It should looks like HP Pavilion 15-aw000ur (E7E35EA)

          r8 m445dx-it is not a video card name. It is name of dual graphics tandem(a10 9600p APU + r7 m340)

          After installing drivers from AMD site you will probably always get radeon r5 + r7 m340 in device manager

          Check your dual graphics status in Radeon settings>Settings>Additional settings(it should be enabled)


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            These are the correct current drivers for your laptop > APU   However, these drivers are causing issues for some. If this is your case, try a previous driver until the bug is fixed > http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/apu/previous?os=Windows%2010%20-%2064

            Here's how to install them > Laptop graphics update...How to

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              Hi there! I have the same laptop and I hv ran into the same problem. And what I have found in a week's time is that first, this cpu is underpowered. Second, the bigger part, this is total crap. They rebrand age old tech, don't support it, and say that you can't run "whatever" on a toaster. Games like gta show half the vram. Texture pops in here and there due to 100% usage. If you limit the cores in use through task manager, popping stops but then it lags like hell. I can't even run counter strike 1.6. Just shows a black screen and enjoy the radio in the background. You can't disable the igpu r5 otherwise r7 is also disabled automatically. You don't know what is your vram. You have to believe what radeon settings show. Dxdiag is false. Task manager is a lie.

              I'm gonna tell everyone around me what a crap this is. My mate is doing fine on a 940mx. Intel/Nvidia is way better