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R6 washed out - solution needed to adjust colour & saturation

Question asked by jonny-d on Jan 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by kingfish

Updated my AMD Radeon R6 Graphics as colour washed out on a new HP Envy running 64-bit Windows 10, but colours still washed out – I’ve searched online, and despite this question having been asked before (and many indicating they ‘have the same question/problem’), it appears nobody from AMD or with knowledge has answered – I’m hoping that eventually someone will provide an answer on where monitor display colour (not brightness) setting can be adjusted…or point to some AMD software that can be installed to provide a solution to a glaring omission from AMD!


And yes, I have checked all the laptop’s settings and all the AMD/Radeon settings available on the laptop – and despite having a link ‘Colour Management’, but the options available under the ‘All profiles’ or ‘Advanced’ are less than pointless to all but those already familiar with the meaningless options…or perhaps that’s what AMD/Radeon are offering to their unlucky customers…a ‘lucky-dip’ trying them all out in the hope of resolving the colour mix and saturation problems.


Already disappointed with this being my first experience with an AMD CPU, and Radeon (AMD) graphics, and have to admit, am seriously underwhelmed with the CPU the GPU…and so far the support…or lack of.




Laptop: HP Envy running 64-bit Windows 10, on an AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6 with 8GB RAM.


Updated AMD Catalyst Software Suite from version 15.201…. to version 16.50.2001-1612004a