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    does AMD update its Uninstall Utility?


      Hi, does AMD update its Uninstall Utility? Or it removes those leftovers that cannot be uninstall normally be it new or old driver..... its the same leftover? Because i don't see amd updating it. Im assuming its the same leftovers and theres no point updating it because i will never use any third party to clean it up

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          The Utility was updated with the new Relive drivers.

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            Hi ququhang,


            I wondered the same thing, until the ReLive driver packages happed. To find the new uninstallers download the Full ReLive package and run the application.


            You should be presented with the 2 new uninstallers after it loads the new installer interface. First option is right on the first screen called (Clean-Install) This isnt the option you want, it will cleanup and find/uninstall all AMD products found on the system, Reboot-Auto, Load at login and proceed with the rest of the auto-installer to place ReLive back or onto your system.


            The second new uninstaller is the left panel called Current System.


            Click the pane:


            Now select Clean Uninstall:


            If you dont see what your looking for listed in the second option, your going to have no choice to use a 3rd party App or Clean Install windows. Using Device Manager wont rid you of the left overs. The methods i listed above will.


            However, you should use DDU from the start if using windows-10 , or it will donload/install behind-your-back drivers, and when that starts to happen they become hidden / in a waiting state so to speak.


            DDU will rid the pre-installed update drivers and prevent ( if allowed ) any further driver downloading for UMA / VGA driver packages. Also it has the option to re-enable hardware updates for windows updates


            I have tested and can vouch is working on Windows-10 OS-Build : 14393.693 fully functional with Secure Boot + Fast Boot enabled in both places on the A555D notebook

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