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3x w9100 + s400 + MGPU SLS ≠ 18 monitor video wall (at least not consistently)

Question asked by kburke on Jan 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by fsadough

Happy New Year Everyone -


Looking for some assistance with getting a stable configuration for a 18 monitor video wall, using the above configuration in a Seneca Data Systems VWC-Plus running Win8.1. We have had this configuration up and running with hours and hours of assistance from Seneca tech support, and hours of waiting on settings to take effect. All outputs are set to emulate EDID, but the main issue I appear to be having right now is that I can only get 16 out of 18 outputs enabled at once - gives me an error message about an invalid configuration, and to see the help file when I go for #17.Eventually the end result is a 6x3 eyefinity SLS. I will post machine specs later this afternoon. Any assistance from the community would be appreciated, I'm under the gun to get this working, and it just doesn't make sense why it doesn't.


I'm reading that I should probably mention fsadough for his expertise on this. Thanks everyone