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    Streaming/Recording with ReLive creates stuttering in games.


      Whenever I'm streaming or just recording in general with ReLive in games like GTA or Rainbow 6 Siege, I get a lot of stuttering in game, even while holding a 70+ FPS. I have a R9 Fury, and play all my games in borderless at 1080p. FRTC and Chill are both off, and I have a slight overclock right now. I'm also on the latest drivers.


      I've done a little testing in GTA while streaming. I started first by putting my streaming settings at or near max settings, and streamed. I still got over 60 FPS, but the stuttering persisted until I turned off ReLive. I than tried streaming at the lowest settings, and still had a very similar experience as streaming at maximum settings.


      Conclusion: I've scoured the internet for quite a while trying to find any fixes, or even anyone with similar issues to mine, but I can't seem to find anything. I'll continue to play with settings to try and remedy my issue, but I haven't had any luck for the last few weeks. Thanks for any advice in advance!