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Crossfire not working for Diablo 3 with drivers 16.12.2

Question asked by hdcamper on Jan 8, 2017

So I thought I would go into the new year with new drivers.  So in December I upgraded to 16.12.1. then upgraded to 16.12.2 when it came online.  As I started having window and game hangs on

my win 7 64 sp1 computer will stop responding and I'll have to restart it.  Saw some posts where folks were saying do a clean driver install.  So I used the amd clean utility and reinstalled with 16.12.2 version and now for sure I cant seem to get diablo 3 to play in crossfire mode.  I played all of season 8 in crossfire with my old drivers and of course i dont remember what driver it actually was.  I created a profile in amd radeon settings but it still does not enable it for the game.   Anyone else have Diablo 3 playing in crossfire with hd 7870's and 16.12.2 drivers ?  Thanks for responding, would love to get Diablo 3 back to crossfire mode.


ok well here is what i do know now

with a recent diablo 3 update for season 9 they apparantly included a new 64 bit launcher and stuff and its laggy and stuttering.

go back to the 32 bit launcher - crossfire is working  again.


think there is probably something still to be looked at but maybe someone else wont be hunting for answers and pulling at imaginary hairs.