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    I do right install but,only GAME and SYSTEM TAB.


        I installed Catalyst 15.200.1045, but Only GAME and System.Before i disposed dusts and extra leftover AMD folders and registries and use CCcleaner,etc check PC by Dr Web and Avira,Avast,Roguekiller. I get installer from DELL.I run installer by admin.

      Oh, i had forgotten,if PC has both Intel and AMD gpu,uninstall both after at first reboot.I should remark SFC and DISM.

      Should i use both control panel uninstall and DDU?After using DDU then disconnect Internet(to prevent automaticaly update unstall) Disconecting net,run exe,install driver?However for installing

      Crimson Relive driver need i conecting net?Crimson Relive installer demands AMD site and Hardware check.DDU moves automaticaly windows update?