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Media SDK Display Encode Mode problems on latest crimson driver

Question asked by andmm on Jan 7, 2017

So I'm currently developing an application for personal use and I'm making use of the Display Encode Mode api from the media framework. It was working fine until I recently upgraded to latest Crimson Driver (Crimson 16.12.2) and now I'm getting screen flickering and graphical artifacts when the app is running. I read somewhere that DEM is no longer supported and I'm using AMD Media SDK v1.1 GA which is old at this point but as far as I know it is the latest version available. Is that the case? is DEM deprecated? The api is working fine except for the artifacts. Any ideas?  I have a R9 290 so I'm on VCE 2.0.  Any help would be much appreciated.


Edit: Upon further testing the issue seems to be intermitent, sometimes it works and sometimes it starts having those graphical artifacts which leads me to believe it's a bug with this particular driver. I regressed to an earlier version (16.11.5) and it seems to be working just fine again and while that's not ideal, it will have to do for now.